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Knee Pain & Injury : Common Causes and what to do about it

Friday Sep 10, 2021

In this pod we discuss: Common causes of knee pain What the does Anatomy of the knee How to rehab your knee  How to return to weightlifting, running and pretty much anything you want. Exercises you should be doing right now Do you think you can rehab people for a living? Well why not? We offer the complete qualification in Sports Therapy to level 4. Everything you need to assess and treat injury and dysfunction. We also offer the Personal Training qualification to be able to assess and train someone to get results in increasing lean muscle and/or decrease bodyfat plus so much more. To book onto either courses go to today   Want an online course without the qualification? go to  

#35 Too Deadlift or not to Deadlift?

Thursday Aug 26, 2021

In this awesome episode we explore: What does a typical deadlift work Fascia Types of deadlift Should I flex my spine and is it bad for me? Does Deadlift cause back pain? Sets and reps Who is the deadlift good for? Plus much more.   Check it out and share with friends.   If you think you can do this for a living then become a Personal Training with the One Zen Academy. Go to If you want a rehab program online anywhere in the world that will take you from injury to performance then go to If you think I can bloody do this myself with a little guidance then sign up to our online program with lifetime access. go to  

#34 How to transition to barefoot running: The science and clinical practice

Sunday Jul 18, 2021

In this awesome episode I talk about how to transition to barefoot running. My story of constant niggles and injuries What the evidence says about barefoot running Mobility and OPTIMAL ROM Optimal cadence and why too much may tax you Strength work and exercises Recovery strategy Why forefoot running maybe better for you How to build up What an initial training session might look like Plus much more Become a patron for just $2 or £1.50 per month to help us run the show Or you can just purchase our online course How to be Your Own Fitness Trainer for just $65 (£50) for lifetime access. You will learn the secrets of Fitness Trainers including the science and application of program design and recovery for maximum results.   Go to and sign up now you won't be disappointed.   

33 Foam Rolling: Decrease pain, improve recovery, improve ROM and possibly much more!

Tuesday Jul 06, 2021

In this episode I look at: Current evidence around foam rolling How it can improve ROM Does it decrease pain? Does it improve recovery? Is there a chance it can improve power output? All this and more   Want more? Buy our online course, How to be your own Fitness Trainer to learn how to accelerate your own training by writing results based programs, how to do the exercises correct, recovery strategies, nutrition plus much more. Just a one time fee of £50 ($65) for lifetime subscription. go to  

#31 Chiara & Peter: Yoga and the power of feminine and Masculine

Thursday Dec 03, 2020

Welcome Everybody! Thank you for your support Please go to our patrons page and show your support even further. If you value the information please donate!   In this episode I talk to Chiara Curti @chiaralunayoga (instagram) and Peter Timmins @yogi.pete (instagram) They are experienced Yogis whom walk the walk and talk the talk (The real deal), we take a deep dive into the power of the masculine and feminine powers and what this can do for us. We talk about: Their background and why yoga? The power of meditation  The power of consistency The power of meditation and yoga to tackle modern physical problems such as sciatica  what is feminine power and how can both sexes cultivate What is masculine power and how can both sexes cultivate Acceptance of YOU including your shadow self What is spirituality and how can we grow from this Yoga as an antenna to cultivate prana/chi  Plus much more! This is a great episode with real Yogis who really do live the life. As well as their instagram profiles follow Chiara on Facebook to see up and coming workshops look up chiara Luna Yoga and Therapies today!   Links to our website We currently have the whole Diploma in Personal Training for just £999 until the end of December!     or want to know about training without the qualification? Go to and purchase our fully online course for just £107 or $140 lifetime access!   Or want to eat healthy, organic, fairtrade and boost your immune system and get rid of some fat? Go to https://platinumeurope/onezen Use code ONEZEN at checkout for 50 Euros off   Much love

#30 Dr Alex Curmi: Psychiatry, Psychotherapy and Mental Health

Tuesday Nov 24, 2020

In this podcast I talk to Dr Alex Curmi whom is a Medical Doctor who specialises in Psychiatry. We take a deep dive into the following areas: The role for the medical paradigm The shift towards preventive medicine The person centred approach to whole health Psychiatry Vs Psychotherapy  Gratitude and reflective practice Getting to know yourself Acceptance of the darker side of humanity Plus so much you'll have to listen You can contact Dr Alex Curmi on instagram @maudsleylearningpodcast and of course check his podcast out on all available platforms. Email or twitter @maudsleylearning also check out to become a Personal Trainer, with our Black Friday sale of 55% off!   Want to be able to write your own programs and some of the knowledge from the top PT's then check out our 100% online course 'Hoe To Be Your Own Fitness Trainer'   Want some quality fairtrade organic nutrition whether to build muscle, reduce body-fat or improve gut and mental health then go to and use the code onezen on check out to get 50 euro off!   Much love to you guys x 

#29 Paulina Sutton: Nutritional Therapist. Triathlon and Running Performance & Health

Monday Nov 16, 2020

In this awesome episode we talk about Paulina's background in professional sport and the transition to triathlon The key micronutrients every triathlete and runner needs, and why? The key macronutrients every triathlete and runner needs, with ratio's and where the best sources are Fuel during a training session or event hydration Recovery strategies after a race or training session to maximise potential. The gut microbiome and why it's crucial that all athletes look after this and how to do it. To get a consultation with Paulina or just to keep up to date with her work check her out on instagram @embrace_nutrition_org Remember if you want to learn some training methods, program design and nutrition then buy our program 'How to be your own fitness trainer' today. Go to to get your lifetime access to this awesome course.   This show is also brought to you by Platinum Europe. The best organic, Fairtrade supplements and foods for health, wellness, weight-loss and performance. There is an awesome 10 day transformation package which having tried myself (and I'm sceptical about such things) was truly blown away by the results (check out my pictures on instagram) You can get 50 Euros off anything on the site. Go to https://platinumeurope/onezen and use code ONEZEN on checkout. Also if you want some quality online Personal Training then go to or become qualified as a Personal Trainer with most of our qualification online!      

#28 The Proactive Approach to Covid19: Health Boost!

Thursday Nov 05, 2020

In this episode of the One Zen Fitness Academy Podcast We take a dive into: what is currently happening with fear mongering from the media What the actual research says we can do to improve health The role of BMI on mortality The role of type 2 Diabetes in covid-19 Why systemic inflammation is a big issue The role of Vitamin D and Magnesium Why you should monitor your blood sugar level What foods can help me, Nutritional support For 50 euro off organic, Fairtrade nutritionally dense foods that improve health go to Use code onezen at checkout I recommend the 10 day transformation cleanse  cracked cell chlorella Hippocrates powder L.O.V.E powder protein drink   Want to learn how to empower yourself in health, fitness and wellness then get our 100% online course now. 'How to be your own fitness trainer' go to purchase for just $140 or £107 today Lifetime access!   Go for our full accredited Personal Training Diploma! fully accredited by YMCA 80% online and takes place over 7 months with live zoom lectures which are all recorded. All course materials and Tuition provided for just £999 (limited time) Go to and use code onezen20  

#27 Health Boost Now! Breathwork is the way!

Wednesday Oct 14, 2020

In this solocast I discuss: How I suffered from Depression, anxiety attacks and was considered obese at one point One of the ways I overcame this was to focus on different forms of breath control Breathwork for relaxing Breathwork to control anxiety attacks within 5 minutes Breathwork to increase red blood cell production Breathwork to tolerate CO2 and to lower blood pressure and heart rate. Breathwork costs nothing and is something you can actively do to take part and control of your health today.   The podcast is brought to you by One Zen Do you want to become a PT? Sports Massage Therapist? It’s a very lucrative business in which you learn in a blended format All theory is online in live zoom sessions Practical is in person within a gym environment Takes place over 7 months Next course starts soon and is fully accredited by YMCA We even get you to write a business plan to hit the ground running To book on go to today and get a 20% discount for a limited time   This cast is also brought to you by Platinum Europe. Organic, fairtrade superfoods that are very tasty and nutrient dense If you care about your health only put organic sources in All the foods are vegan sourced You can purchase a 10 day cleanse to improve gut health function or the athlete transformation to get shredded I personally recommend the green power of Hippocrates To receive 50 euro off your order go to and enter code one zen on checkout

#26 Eva Westerhuis: Women's Health, Hormonal Imbalance & Weight Loss

Wednesday Jul 29, 2020

In this episode we talk to Eva Westerhuis a Nutritionist with an area of interest specialising in women's health.   We discuss:    Eva's journey from  Physiotherapist to Nutritionist Women's health Menstrual cycle and nutrition Hormonal Imbalance and how to help through food Weight loss beyond calories in, calories out Plus much more To see more about Eva go to her website Or stalk (I mean follow) her on instagram @nuevanutrition   Check us out or website (we have a Personal Training certification starting in October)   Or buy our online program 'How to be your own Fitness Trainer'   Much love  



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